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Power outlets.png
  • There are many configurations and types of power outlets to install at your property. Choose from a variety of styles, options and colours

  • There are also options to include:

  • USB charging outlets for the tidy and easy re-charging of devices.     

  • Dimmers and timers.

  • Outdoor weatherproof outlets. Utilize electricity in weather exposed areas and entertainment areas. 

  • Pool maintenance equipment, water features, spear pumps, lighting, parties, power tools, garden tools.

  • Security system power installation.

  • Landscape lighting and power.

  • Shed wiring for general power tools and machines, lighting, hobbies, parties and entertainment.

  • Extension, renovations and granny flat wiring. Appliance installations, lighting and all electrical systems. 

  • Stop using extension leads, power board, and adapters by installing affordable power solutions.

  • Reduce cord clutter and install power outlets in cupboards, pantries and vanities.

  • Make your vacuum cleaners,  cleaning and cooking appliances work with you with easy accessible power outlets positioned correctly and effectively.

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