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  • Are you experiencing problems with your lighting or electrical appliances? 

       Your outdated switchboard or fuse box                       may be the problem.

  • Does your power trip and cut out? Do your lights dim underload? What does my switchboard do?

  • Your buildings electrical system is a complex-designed to deliver vital power to suit your modern living in safe way. 

  • The main line from your main power pole enters your property switchboard. A meter tallys your electrical usage. Various components then separates the energy to all the wiring circuits to every room and area of your property. This is then distributed to every power outlet, light and various hard wired appliances. 

  • The main breakers in your switchboard dictate the maximum amount of electricity your property can use safely at one time. The breakers are set to trip in case of overload - reducing the risk of fire and electrocution. 

  • Older buildings may still have ceramic fuses which are outdated, less safe and should be immediately upgrades to prevent fires and electrocution

  • While receiving a complimentary inspection ask us to help you understand your power bill and costings.




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