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  • A good lighting plan includes a mix of light sources which consider the different activities you will be doing in each living space. Indoors or outside.

  • Natural sunlight is the cleanest, cheapest source of lighting available. Always consider well designed windows, skylights and natural lighting when building and renovating. 

  • Light fixture are a wonderful way to add fresh style and value to your property.

  • To make it simple think of your lighting plan is in 3 basic layers.

        AMBIENT LIGHTING - For all your practical,                    everyday​, general purpose lighting.

       TASK LIGHTING - Bright, work lighting for daily             chores, tasks and hobbies. Provide a                               bright clean light for tasks like prepping food                 in the kitchen, applying make up in the                           bathroom, reading, creating in your workshop               or washing in the laundry. 

      ACCENT LIGHTING - Create a decorative,                        artistic, mood element to your space. They can              be used to highlight art, photographs and                      features.

  • We can supply and install a range of practical, cost effective and decorative lighting to suit your every domestic, artistic and working need. You can also choose your own and we can install it for you at very economical costs. They are a great way to add value and practicality to your living and or work space.

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